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Jerry Intihar - Flood City Polkas - CD
Cat No: CD0001

"Flood City Polkas"

Johnstown, Pennsylvania, the "Flood City" is commemorating the centennial of the 1889 flood. Jerry Intihar and the Orchestra, proud residents of the city, are joining in the 100 year rememberance. This album features ethnic music popular with the variety of nationalities inhabiting Johnstown.


  1. Johnstown Polka ( 1 minute Sample )
  2. Schuhplattlers Polka
  3. Jo Ann Waltz
  4. Italian Medley
  5. Matka Waltz
  6. Edies Polka
  1. Johnny's Polka
  2. Who Put The Hole In The Barrel Of Beer?
  3. Dark Eyes Waltz
  4. Frankie's Polka
  5. No Beer In Hawaii
  6. Bridal Dance

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