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Banner Creation & Advertising is available to companys that wish to advertise on our website. This service promotes your business to Internet users who might never hear of your company otherwise. Further we can link to your own domain name if you desire, either with your own banner or one especially created for you.

Random Banner Generator, which allows us to place your banner on multiple web pages at one time, giving you more chances of people seeing your advertising banner.

We are now offering advertising banners 120 by 90 pixels that will appear on High Hit pages, such as our Main Page JohnstownPA.com, Classmate Locator page, also our Local Information Page. WHY would these be good pages on which to advertise? Well, lets take a minute to consider the Classmate Page. For example: What do people need that return for a Reunion? Perhaps a car, a hotel room, fine restaurant or fast food, or merely a place to play BINGO? Who knows? These 120 by 90 pixels banners will be offered for an initial fee of $25.00 per month. If you are interested in this initial offer, email webmaster@johnstowpa.com or call (814) 535-6863 for details.

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