One Summer in Southfork, Pa.

By   Rodney Arnold

     I spent fourteen (14) summers from 1949 to 1963 visiting my grandparents in Johnstown and the surrounding areas. Each visit was marked with change and new adventure.

     Around 1957 grandma and grandpa were living outside of Southfork on the Frankstown road. This gave a young 15 year old a chance to head out in two directions, and I did. I meet some young people in Southfork, in a sundry kind of hang out, were we hung out ! We played cards, chewed snuff, smoked cigarettes, meet the girls. We had a great old time. There was this big slag hump accross the street from the Sundry. There we played baseball, it was all just grand!

     When heading in the other direction towards Johnstown there was a park named, Liberty. This was another wonderful place for a young 15 year old. There was a huge swimming pool in the centre of the park and the place was filled with young people. I can still hear the Jute box playing, Your So Fine - Yea A, My baby so dog gone fine ! This was just a great place for the kids to let down there hair, all summer long.

     This fall, 2006 I took my wife back through Johnstown on our way up to Toronto, Canada. We stoped at the Liberty Park location one day, to my disappointment they were tearing down that great old swimming pool, of all things on that day ! It appears to be a new location for trailer homes. Things sure change!

     That was a great summer visit ! The time just flu by, and before I knew it, I was starting grade 9, back home in, Miami, Fl.

Rodney Arnold, Toronto, Canada  

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