Summers as a kid in Johnstown

By   Eric Henger

     Now that summer is here the memories of being a kid are flashing through my mind.

     There was a place out on Somerset Pike that you and the guys you ran around with could go and spend the whole day just doing great stuff. The place that many people know as "The Covered Bridge", and "Bare Ass Beach". To those that frequented the spots know what it was like. There were three holes that you could swim in. One was at the bridge, the other was a hole about 13ft deep with a large oak tree across it that was used for a diving stand and there was a rope swing. In this hole you could go fishing and use Red Man tobacco leaves as bait to catch suckers, stone catfish, and panfish. The third hole was only about 4ft deep and was great for just laying in to beat the heat. I remember one time we got the idea to go roll in the mud and let it get baked on us and then run through the woods along the trail. It was like being like the boys in the "Lord of the Flies".

     In August the whole area seemed to change. It seemed to say to us, "This year is over kids". It was a great way to spent the days in late June and July.

     I often wonder if those places are still intact. If other generations have had the opportunity to take advantage of those three swimming holes.

     Oh yeah the lazy, hazy, days of summer as a kid.

Eric Henger, Jersey Shore, Pa.  

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