The memories are always there.

By   Eric Henger

     Having grown up in the Roxbury area, we as Roxburians had the opportunity of Roxbury Park. There was always something going on there. In the summer there was baseball, in the fall you had Saturday and Sunday, the Catholic football games, in the winter the hill was amass with sleds, intertubes, toboggans, kids roasting hot dogs in the pavilion.

     Sitting on the corner of Franklin and Sell St. was just away to pass the lazy days of summer until the evening started. The rivalries between the different sections of town was always lingering as the rivals drove passed the corner and challenged the corner sitters. Did it make sense, probably not, but at the time it did.

     Whenever I get back to Johnstown , there are a few stops I have to make. One is Tony's on Franklin and Derby, to grab a couple subs and some Harris-Boyer Gobs.

     Riding your bike to Fun City and trying to get in for being under 12 for $.50 was common practice.

     Going downtown was something of a social event. Being dressed up was the uniform of the day, women shouldn't have curlers in their hair while in town. Getting Spanish Peanuts at Glossers and sitting in the Park and feed the pigeons. A stop at Coney Island, Woolworth's hamburgers, the Embassy and the the State Theatres, Jupiter, Busy Bee, Monte Carlo's. There were so many places to venture to. Now it malls. These places had character.

     Midnight Mass at St. Johns and going to my aunt and uncle's in Conemaugh Boro, where you got a glass of Dego Red with a splash of 7up.

     While working for Specialty Floor Co. in Morrelville, the holidays always brought the smells of the etnical foods of Cambria City, I loved those places, the people would shove these treats in your face while you were installing their new flooring.

     Take care Johnstown, the memories are always there.

Eric Henger, Jersey Shore, Pa.   

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