I need help if possible ...

By   Marco Veronesi


     My name is Marco Veronesi and I write from a small village near Bologna (a north Italy town).

     I need help if possible..... my family had a small house near Loiano (a small village on the mountains near Bologna) where my mother found (when she was young) a metallic bowl used by a USA soldier during the II WW for eating inside it.

     Loiano in fact was on the Gothic Line during the winter 1943-1944.

     This metallic bowl presents some inscriptions like: North Africa - Naples - Rome - Dale - Johnstown - Penna and in the bottom of it are written two initials: J. A. and Pa

     I think that Penna means Pennsylvania and I would like to know if you can help me in giving me some addresses or telephone numbers in order to have more information.

     Please send me an e-mail at this e-mail addreess: veronesi.marco@futura-srl.com

     Thank you for the cooperation...if possible.

Marco Veronesi  

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