Growing Up In Cambria City


     I would love to tell you of my growing up years in Johnstown.

     Cambria City was my home.

     Garfield Jr. High, Johnstown High, walking home from school and always stopping at Elites for a coke.

     After the dance at the Canteen, it was on to Tops Diner for french fries and gravy.

     Roseland was the place to be to meet the cool guys. Remember trying to get downstairs to the Ladies Room with a pair of skates on? Thats where all the gossip was going on!

     Walking up and down Broad Street hoping the guys at the pool hall would notice us!

     The Hollywood Theatre, and a nickle to get in.

     Lots of snow in the winter and sliding down the river wall hoping we wouldn't get caught by our parents.

     The carnivals at 10th Avenue and D Street. The block parties on Chestnut Street with all the rides and games. Been in Rhode Island 44 years now but Johnstown will always be my home!

Jeanine Rossi  

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