I was just a young girl when we went "West" in the mid 1950s. But there is something about remembering your roots that creates a yearning in your heart no matter how many years you are separated from "home." My dad, like many others of that era, left Johnstown to go west where the jobs were. We settled in El Paso, Texas and it is amazing how many people we have met over the years that came here about the same time from other small towns in the East. Conversations about the old days usually always begin with "when I was home"... I have been here over 45 years now and but Johnstown will always be home for me. I haven't been back in 15 years; there's not much of my family left there now. They have either died or have moved to other places. The last time I was in Johnstown, I remember seeing the license plates with "Pennsylvania, where you have a friend." I commented to my cousin that is because there is no family left, only friends. Maybe someday we can all gather together once again and remember how it used to be.

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