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A friend of mine sent me the web site for the Johnstown Journal and
I read some of the memories of Johnstown.   Reading these articles brought
many experiences and a feeling of home sickness.   I would like to share
some of my history of life in Johnstown.

        From 1935 to 1940 I would visit my grandparents in West Taylor
Township all summer vacation and then return to Cleveland for school in
September.   In 1940 our family moved from Cleveland to my grandparents home
in West Taylor Twp. after my grandfather passed away.
        I attended Immaculate Conception School in Cambria City and then
graduated from Central Catholic High School in 1950.   In 1951 I resettled
in Cleveland.   Our family moved back to Cleveland in 1952.   In 1966 I
entered a religious community The Franciscan Friars of the Atonement in
Garrison New York and have been here ever since.

        Growing up in Johnstown was the best experience of my life.   I have
never forgotten the small town atmosphere and I'm sure I never will.   I
think when were young we need to make a life for ourselves somewhere away
from home because the grass always looks greener on the other side of the
fence.   It's not, we only think it is.   It doesn't take long to realize
what we have given up.   Unfortunately we keep moving ahead and never look
back until we get older and then we find out life somehow has passed us by
and we realize just how much we have missed of what we have given up for the
greener side of the fence.   It's a story so many of us could tell the
younger generation but then it falls on deaf ears.   When were young we just
don't want to hear that we have and live in the best part of the world.

        Well I'm beginning to ramble now.
        I never went back to Johnstown because I felt I would lose all my
memories.   My father would always say to me "Joey if you go back you will
lose your memories.   Hang on to your memories."   I am 75 this year and I
hope I will someday return to Johnstown just to walk through the city
streets, visit the incline, the Point Stadium, visit Central Catholic High
School (Now Bishop McCourt High School), Immaculate Conception Parish, St
John's Cathedral and all the other wonderful places in Johnstown.
        I just want to thank you for your web site and the memories you
shared with me.

        Just one last thing, the motto "Cleveland is the best location in
the world" is not accurate "Johnstown is the best location in the world" at
least for me.

Bro. Joseph Buettner, S.A
Garrison New York

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