I was raised on Roxbury Avenue

By   merle111@comcast.net


   I found this web site by accident and have enjoyed it very much.

   I was born in 1937 and was raised on Roxbury Avenue, were the street cars would rambel the way up to the park to turn around.

   I can remember all the stores and other places that everybody talks about.but most of all I can remember when the circus was in town. They would parade the elephants and other animals up Roxbury Avenue to the park,where they would set up for the week.

   I went to work for what was then Allegheny Airlines in 1959 and was transfered to Detroit in 1969, and then in 1983 went to Phoenix AZ. I retired from what is now US Airways in 1992 and returned back to Detroit were my wifes family is in 1995.

My son has since returned back to Johnstown with his family, and I have been back, a few times, and it did bring back a lot of memories.

Merle Dabbs
Detroit, MI

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