Great Memories


   It is always great going over the memories revealed in the stories in the Johnstown Journal.

   My memories come from growing up in a large family on Church Street in Conemaugh Borough. My family lived on Church Street from the late 1800's until 2003, when my mother passed away and we sold the family homestead. I remember walking to school. going to St. John's in the "Borough", and then to Joe Johns and Johnstown High. We never had the luxury of a school bus.

   When I look back, I realize we were the luckiest ones because we could walk through the great neighborhoods and experience Johnstown's glory first hand, every day. The memories of going to dances at the Teen Canteen and the war Memorial, as well as the Slovak Band Hall and the Croation Hall always brings a smile. And, trips to Coney Island, two with everything, were mandatory stops on Friday evenings. I wonder if anyone remembers Mrs. Swank's pizza shop on Railroad street.

   I also wonder what happened to all those great people who attended St. John's back in the mid 60's.

   When I talk about my childhood and growing up in Johnstown now, it seems that I always have stories to tell, all mostly true, that make people envious that they didn't have the same experiences. Johnstown will always exist at its highest points, because that is the way we all remember it from our experiences growing up and living there.

Jim Lee
Sterling, VA

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