These things somehow stay etched in the mind.


     I was born in Johnstown in 1952 at Lee (homeopathic) Hospital, and my son was born there in 1979.

     My mother and I are both graduates of Johnstown High School, the old one that was downtown. I grew up in Hornerstown. I had gone to Jr. High at Cochran and Mom went to Garfield.

     I married in 1975 and divorced in 1981, moved to Texarkana, Texas in 1985.

     Things I miss most about Johnstown are Coney Island hot dogs and cheeseburgers, Central Park downtown, Glosser Bros. Dept. Store, the beautiful hills, and cooler summers!

     I stay busy with my job here as a nurse/casemanager. My son has graduated college and is working also. We never seem to have time to go back to Johnstown for a visit. Most everyone I knew there has either died or moved away to parts unknown. But I still remember the steel mills, the coal mines, and my life there.

     These things somehow stay etched in the mind.


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