Thanks for all of the memories.


     By accident I came across the Johnstown site with everyone's memories of the town. It brought back memories that I had forgotten in all the years since I last lived there.

     I was born in Johnstown at Mercy Hospital in 1938. We lived on Horner Street. Our driveway was a long one lined with cherry trees and our house sat at the end of that long driveway. There was an alley in the back of the house where we all played.

     The corner street, I think, was Gold or Goldie Street and on that corner was Furnari's store. Bifano's was on the other corner and somewhere there was Replogle Storage.

     I remember going to Brocker's (not sure of the spelling) store to buy ice cream on a stick to find out if that particular one had a "free" on the stick so I could get another one!

     I attended Meadowvale for first and second grade. Miss Gaydos was my first grade teacher and Mrs. Owens (not sure if this is correct name) was my second grade teacher. In first grade I remember getting a ride in a jeep that was a promotion to buy War Bonds.

     Third grade found me on the trolley going downtown to St. John's Catholic School. Sister Alice Marie was my third grade teacher who I corresponded with for many years.

     When I was five years old, I wanted a violin. My parents bought me one for Christmas that year and took me to Weiser's for instruction. I was their youngest student and an article was written for the paper with my picture (violin in hand). I have the glossy of that picture but do not have the actual newspaper article. Does anyone know if Weiser Music is still in Johnstown or under another name? I'd love to try to get a copy of that article, but I don't know the actual date only an approximate year…1943-1944.

     Does anyone remember going to Sears at Christmas where they had a big red machine that dispensed gifts? I'm not certain if it was Sears or another store along the street but every Christmas I looked forward to that trip downtown. And the store windows! Who could forget those at Christmas?

     McCrory's, Kresge's, Ideal Park, Alwines, Embassy Theatre and vaudeville shows, Fort Stanwyx (not sure of spelling) where my sister had her wedding reception. Getting a license for my bike at the police station close to Glossers; riding escalators in the stores and wanting to be an elevator operator when I grew up.

     My father worked for National Radiator and I remember the skies at night over the steel mills and the smoke. Moxham, Dale, Prospect Street, trolleys and their car barns.

     My parents and my sister, Jean, who was 10 years older than me, lived through the 1936 flood. The water had reached the second floor of the house there, also.

     Wow, I can't believe I've written so much. All it took was reading other people's memories to jog my own into remembering the good times I had as a child there. We left Johnstown for New Jersey in 1949, but my mother always referred to it as "back home."

     Thanks for all of the memories.

Elly K.

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