Missing Johnstown

By   finducks34@yahoo.com

     I would like to write something about Johnstown.

     I moved from Florida to Johnstown in July of 2001, my wife and I had no idea what Johnstown was like; we wanted to move up north so we went on the internet looking for a house and found one in Southmont and fell in love with the town, and people.

     We packed up our stuff and moved on up to our new house and town.

When we moved in the people next door came by and said hello, and gave us some food so we didnt have to cook that night, my wife said to me that would have never happen in Florida.

     I found a job with a plumbing company and my wife worked at a doctors office in Johnstown, and we were happy; but as time went on I was laid off for a while and we needed to get work so we decided to move back to Florida, because I knew I could work

     Ever since we moved back down here we have not been happy, as my wife always says, this is not home, Johnstown is home.

Why I am writing this is because, I was on the porch with my son and his friend talking about Johnstown and how much we miss it, the change of seasons, the people, the mountains, and just about everything there.

I hope in the near future that we will be able to move back, we really do miss the small town atmostphere.

Thank you for this web site.

David P. Mallard

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