Greetings from Scotland


Greetings from Scotland

     ...over the last few years here in Scotland, my mind drifts a lot to home, to the comforting feelings of quiet days and peaceful, safe nights.

     As a child growing up in Westmont, I can remember days without nights when the blast furnaces would roar, belching orange flame down in the city. It was always a treat and it still is to walk to the Incline Plane from my parents house to look over the city. I fondly remember receiving my first camera at either 9 or 10 and Johnstown's scenery sparked a love of photography that is still strong today. It is a fantastic shot from the Incline Plane.

I've lived in 6 different states, and now overseas. On one of my many drives home through the Alleghenies, I was always awestruck by the vistas that rose around me. Back in 1992 I composed a poem about that drive and my feelings...they are still strong today...and I thought others might enjoy it...


These emerald walls that tower above
And kiss an azure sky
I remember
This is my home
Now I am just a passer-by with conflicting emotions
Of continued farewells
In torment do I always linger and delay
In leaving my most favored hills

Under the lush canopies that crown my beloved paths
I find my way home to the places of my present and my past
Just as I have found my way
I must leave my soul behind
Forever to haunt and play
Knowing already my heart is buried deep beneath this clay

Whichever path I find that may lead me back this way
To the home that will and always be
The one in which I wish to stay

All the best

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