Just to relax and watch some of those sun sets.

By   Starlingtate@aol.com

Hello Johnstown,

   After reading some of the great memories from other former johnstowners, I felt compelled to share my love for my hometown

   Remember the parades on main street, or the great night high school football games, and what about the sun sets with the surrounding mountains. I think about the true meaning of " a village raising up a child" and how neighbors truely watched after each others children. I remember coming home one weekend and after getting out of my car I went to put the "club" on my steering wheel and my friends began laughing,when asked what was so funny? they said "Your Home, theres no need for that" I just smiled.

   I remember going to Joe Johns junior high school ,a place where blacks and whites played sports together and formed lasting friendships not to mention the quality of education we received from JHS. I miss home ...I believe the next week I have off I"m going home just to relax and watch some of those sun sets.

Starling Tate

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