Do you believe in DESTINY?


Do you believe in DESTINY? Well hear me out, then decide.

   I am a Johnstown Native, grew up here, graduated High School here; but in 1944, before finishing high school, I moved to Newton Falls, Ohio, where I lived with my sister, for the summer. Come September, I decided to stay in Ohio and enroll in school, so I could play football on the school team.

   There I met the beautiful gal, who was to become my love and my wife. On Oct 28th, we married, having eloped to Cumberland Md. We were married at about 1:45 PM in the Pastor's Residence.

   Fifty five years later, my wonderful wife passed away, --- at 11:45 AM on Oct 28th, in Mesa Arizona. (That would translate to 1:45 PM Oct 28th in Cumberland Md. (The exact hour of our wedding on our Fifty-Fifth anniversary).

   A few days after her death, I was caused to recall a prophesy, made to me in 1956, which said, "In your fifty eighth or fifty ninth year, -- you will bury someone" The prophesy continued "You will remarry". I only mention that because I inferred the one I would bury, must be my wife. I then recalled the date of our first meeting. It was at a Town Festival for Halloween, which was an annual "Cake Walk." It was on that occasion I was introduced to Peggy, who was to become my wife --- and it was -- Yes -- Oct 28th, 1944. That was exactly fifty eight years to the day, prior to Peggy's death, Oct. 28th,2002. Yes, it was all by coincidence that we met, that we married, and that Peggy die on October 28th, and that a psychic had prophesied her passing.

   It would seem that this alone would cause one to be amazed; BUT, in addition, as I found out during our married years, that Peggy's mother had been born in Johnstown, a few years after the Johnstown Flood of 1889. She was born and lived in Moxham, on Hogback Hill.

   Could this be coincidence, or could it be destiny, because my mother was also born in Moxham, on Hogback Hill and in her childhood years lived within the same neighborhood as Peggy's mother.

   Was it destiny that meant for us to be married, that caused me to move to Newton Falls Ohio, where Peggy's family had moved, and where Peggy was born?

   Coupled with the October 28th connection, the prophesy, and the Johnstown connection, causes me to believe that God had always intended us to be married and He even worked out the details to make it happen.

   Thank you Dear Lord, for all those wonderful years of happiness. Tell Peggy I shall soon be coming along to complete our Journey in Eternal Bliss.

Walter E Cameron
Johnstown Veterans High School 1948 (Class of 45JHS)

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