I would like to be included on it and tell my story.

By   AyngelSmile@aol.com

   Thank you so much for the Johnstown journal incerpt. I would like to be included on it and tell my story.

   My name is Kelie Marie Sakmar and I have lived in Johnstown since the day I was born at Lee Hospital. Until at 19, I moved to Oklahoma City, OK. Now I have a family of my own and try to visit Johnstown at least once a year but a demanding career won't even allow that sometimes.

    I am a 1998 graduate of Greater Johnstown Vo-Tech. I can't tell you how much I miss the security of Johnstown being out in a "big city" now. I definitly miss being a cheerleader and cheering in the cold at football games and cheering for our basketball team. Afterwards, Perkins would always be the hangout. I also miss my church, The Greater Johnstown Christian Fellowship. My high school sweetheart was from South Fork and I loved the security of that little town and the beautiful mountains all around it. No mountains here, just flat plains. Don't get me wrong, it's the heartland of America but I miss everyone knowing everyone.

    I miss AAABA, since I was a 1997 Ambassador and the parties at the Holiday Inn with the players after the games. :) I also miss my family since my mom is my only "blood relative" other then my 2 yr. old daughter here in Oklahoma. I also miss my parents teaching me to drive a stick down Menoher Blvd and working at the Johnstown Johnnies and Johnstown Chiefs games.

   Johnstown has some of the truly most genuine people and I miss the security blanket that the city has over it.

   Being in the media, working in a big city definitly has it's benefits but I will always hold a special place for Johnstown in my heart. If I could convince my new family to move back to PA so I could be close, I would, but I sure do love the Heartland.

Kelie Marie Sakmar
Oklahoma City, OK

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