More Johnstown Memories


   Up late tonight, just couldn't sleep and thought I'd check in on the Johnstown Journal. Can't believe it's been three years already since I first found the site. What a treasure trove of memories! I have been sitting here alternating between laughter and tears.

   Oh I sure miss those Coe Subs (my nickname is Coe), and we tell all our friends you haven't had a real Coney Island hot dog till it's been lined up on a hairy sweating arm. My goodness to think of it now makes me laugh, but they sure were good!

   My most favorite memory is of Leo, our neighborhood candy man. He worked at the Johnstown Traction Bus Co. and just loved us kids. We'd all go up to his house on the corner on Cypress Avenue and talk and eat candy. I miss Stevearino ( our affectionate name for our neighbor across the street ). My best friends were Connie and Jean. We'd walk miles all over Moxham. And we'd also enjoy the harmonica music of the elderly man up the street. My neighbors were great God Bless them all.

   I am eager to go to my 35 year class reunion. Graduated 1967 from JHS. Have always wondered how some of my classmates were that I never heard from after graduation. Just discovered a homeroom classmate on! Will have to email him and see just how life is treating him.

   Just discovered the whereabouts of my old friend Connie--picked up where we left off.

   Does anyone remember the Teen Canteen or the dances at the War Memorial?

   Oh well, got to cut my memories short---want to read some more stories of good ole Johnstown! See you soon!

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