Beauty of Johnstown


   I grew up in Johnstown, Ferndale was my section of town. I attended Bishop McCort High School and St. Benedicts. I moved out to Philadelphia that summer of 99' when I graduated.

   I left to see what was out there, but I found myself realizing what I was missing out there is Johnstown.

   Everyday I wake up and take the subway to work. My mind can't help but wonder....comming home from school, tossing my bag aside, not wanting to lose even a minute of my after school routine. Not that I would be "late" for my anything. Out into the mountains I ran, swerving through the paths I knew so well in the back of my mind. They were my second home and just roaming through them or sitting by the river was time well spent for me. My friends and I would spend all day in those woods. Bored?? What was that word? That wasn't in our vocabulary. How could it of been with all that beautiful land we had right in our backyard.

   Special days during those hot summers we would roam down to the trail that seperated Moxham from Ferndale. riding our bikes as fast as we could working up a mighty sweat. It was okay because our destanation was Buttermilk Falls.,/p>    Back to reality, the present, I'm on the busy streets now. I remember those memories of Johnstown. Oh I do have my share of football games and movies also. But my fondest memories I have grown to miss from living in the city are the things I took for granted growning up. Having that beauty of the moutains in my backyard.

Monica McKeon

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