My Hometown


     I've always lived in the Johnstown area, attending the Conemaugh Township area schools. I graduated in 1958 and sadly, I saw many of my good friends leaving for greener pastures, but I wouldn't trade my life for anywhere else on earth. I've been able to keep in touch with many friends in many states, I'm a common thread to keep home alive in the hearts of these friends.

     Waitressing at Alwine's Dairy, Gallikers Dairy on Franklin Street and the Dairy Dell in Westmont, I came in contact with many types of people, and have many memories. Football games, teen canteen at the War Memorial, Saturday night dances at the Masonic Temple, movies, swimming at Fun City, Johnstown was surely an interesting place to live in the 50's. We didn't need a lot of money to have fun, actually, we didn't have any unless we worked at a part time job. I worked for many years at the Acme in Benscreek.

     After I was married I moved above Conemaugh, a small town called Wesley Chapel. There my three children were raised in a very safe environment. I worked part time at the Riverside Market, again dealing with the public. There were many more friends to meet. I still love the small town environment where I can go to the mall and see familiar faces. The best part of Johnstown is the people, a diverse lot, but hard working and I'm still glad to be a part of the area, living at the Richland Towers, where I'm very busy. As a handicapped person, I am busy with Johnstown Handicapped Association.

     My children are scattered, I have traveled many places, and will continue to do so, but I love returning to Johnstown in the colorful fall, the white, cold winters, the fresh green spring , and the bright hot summers.

     You can't beat it.

Barbara Killian

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