Johnstown Roots


     Only lived in the Johnstown area for my first 18 years, then went in the service, and only came back to visit, have lived on the eastern shore for the last 37 years.

     The memories I have of Johnstown, the city are from early childhood. The smells of roasting peanuts, spanish nuts, cashews, etc. coming from the 5&10 cent stores on Main Street. The trolley cars and the pigeons in the park. Christmas time in the city with the decorations and lights. Glosser Brothers and Swanks, Fun City and Drive-ins.

     The things I miss most are the fish takeouts at the Loop tavern in Walnut Grove, Coe's subs, and of course, Coney Island hot dogs. I also miss Harry's pizza, the original Harrys that started about 1958. You bought it by the slice, and the taste was different than any pizza I have had since. Fairview Dairy and Alwine's Dairy, Von Lunen's in Geistown.

     I miss the mountain atmosphere, the cool breezes and the snowfalls of my childhood. It was great fun playing in the snowdrifts, sledding and trying to ski in the cow pastures. I often thought of retiring to a high hill around Breezewood or Bedford, but......

     I think this is a great idea, having a Johnstown page. Now, someone tell me what the name of the barracks style homes were, on the left side of Solomon Run going towards Walnut Grove, and why they were built.

Gregg Heidingsfelder

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