Old Johnstowner

By   rexga46@hotmail.com

     I graduated from Richland High School in 1970 at the age of 18 and joined the Marine Corps. I left Johnstown that summer and have lived in four other states and now live in Atlanta Georgia.

     I get back home about once a year and take my children or drag them as they say around to see the old homestead. I miss my old town. When I tell my kids that I remember going to bed at night and not locking the doors or going to the movie for 50 cents they just laugh and tell me how old I am. I tell them of the tattooed man in Coney Island that would hold the hot dogs on his arm. I miss going to Glossers on Christmas and seeing all the windows that were painted. Seeing central park decorated. All the parades that we would stand on main street and watch. those were the good old days.

     This (Atlanta) is where we call home but Johnstown will always be

Marty Mundok, Atlanta GA

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