My Friend Pete Pekich


     I left Johnstown in 1959, I joined the army and after my hitch I ended up in Ypsilanti MI. I then wound up as a firefighter in Ann Arbor MI.

     My brother Richard still lives in Johnstown. When I recently visited Richard I found out that my childhood friend Pete Peckich had passed away. We grew up together in same neighborhood, I remember going to school in the morning and his mother would give us a spoonfull of cod liver oil every morning, we played all sports on Jones Alley and Chestnut Street schoolground , his father was always playing catch with Pete after school, teaching him how to pitch,

     Petes mother was coach for our Little League Baseball Team, his mother was a very caring person to him and all the kids in the neighborhood. Pete was a very unselfish kid himself. I never kept in touch with Pete when I left Johnstown but I know I lost a very good friend. I have also missed the greatest little town in the world, Johnstown Pa.

Ray Sabo, Chelsea MI.

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