Please City Fathers, do not let the good life pass by


I was born in Johnstown in 1952 was raised there until I was 10. We had to leave when my father got a job in Baltimore Md. I now live in Florida. But those were the best 10 years of my life. I remember playing baseball in a place we called the flats. Walking in the woods, playing in the snow and in the fall riding cardboard boxes now the hill after the grass had turned brown. I remember that you could be out and never be lost because some one knew who you were and who your parents were. As I said before I now live and work in Florida on the West Coast near Tampa. I tried to explain to my son what kind of childhood I had in Johnstown but words can not explain how one fells about a place. I have not been back to Johnstown in 17 years. But I still do remember. Please City Fathers do not let the good life pass by.

Georg Ling

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