I sure miss Johnstown

By   doogal@cox-internet.com

I would like to say that I empathize with anyone that has left Johnstown and has missed it as much as I do.............. I remember walking home from junior high (I graduated in 1987 from JHS for all of you interested) and anyway, all we were interested in were going into Blain Boring's after school and getting corn chips and the most infamous peanut butter meltaway chocolates or what ever else and making plans for later. We sold Kopriva's pizzas and subs. We went to McGuth's after the bus left us off. And we WALKED TO TOWN we never took the bus or got a ride. We went trick or treating even after we turned 14 and no one ever turned us away. Our neighbors KNEW our neighbors even when we wished they didn't. I remember so much about Johnstown, growing up in the west end brings me the best memories of my life. I encourage anyone that is thinking of relocating to contact me about what there is to stay for by living in Johnstown. It is a great place to be. All you have to do is leave it for a little while to realize what I am talking about.....

Karen Bunn McDowell

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