Tribute to JHS teachers


Dear Fellow Johnstowners:

     I believe that, as a former Johnstown resident, and graduate of Johnstown High School, it is time that a special tribute and expression of appreciation to the teachers and coaches at JHS should be given. The high quality level of the teachers that were teaching at JHS at the time that I graduated in 1960 should not go unmentioned. The examples of how to stand up for what you believe in and not to compromise your principles were exemplified by the teachers and coaches of that time.

     As a student, I didn't appreciate what they were doing at that time, for our benefit. However, as I went out into the world to fend for myself, and earn a living, I found that I appreciated more and more the great examples that these teachers provided for me. It was like looking back on shining lights. They stood out like giants of decency and honor, compared with the many different types of people that I encountered in my life after High School. I don't have room to name all of these outstanding people. I will name a few that I feel a special appreciation for. They are as follows: Mr. and Mrs. Kocerka, Mr. Francis Mihalic and his brother, (I don't remember his first name). Mr. Paul and Mr. Steve Slobozien, and Mr. Milan Svitchan. I don't wish to exclude any of the others. There were many. The children and grandchildren of these teachers and coaches should always be extremely proud of them. They deserve it. Our parents were excellent examples, but these teachers reinforced the values that our parents tried to teach us at home.


Rawliegh Mardis

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