Let me say first that i just stumbled across your site and it made my day. I was born in Johnstown in 1937 and raised in Benscreek, Geistown, and Roxbury. For one reason and another i have not been back there in over thirty years. but i have missed it almost every day. Due to life`s tribulations, i have never been as happy or contented as i was growing up in Johnstown. I have been in a lot of places but none has ever seemed like home to me. Now, i am on the downside of my life and have recently become disabled, so i live a lot in my memories of the early days of my life. These memories keep me going. I am alone now so i make due with these memories and the TV. I rarely go out anymore. But i do miss the life there in the past, The friends, the good people, The hunting... All the things that i used to do when the world seemed fresh and clean. Things have probably changed so much there that i would hardly recognise the place, but i would like to see it once more before my race is run. "shrug" Probably not though. At any rate, i just wanted to say hello and to compliment you on your site. And say "Thanks for publishing it"


Jim McClellan

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