Fond Memories


     I would like to add to your journal as I was born and raised in Johnstown and have many fond memories of growing up there in the thirties and forties. I still have a sister in town so I get to visit every so often. My last trip was for the 50th class reunion of Johnstown Hi's class of 1949. I grew up in Hornerstown and attended Meadowvale grade school and Cochran Jr. High School before going to Central High School. It is sad to come back to Johnstown and see the house I grew up in now gone, Meadowvale school gone and the old High School gone. It is indeed sad what has happened to Johnstown. I can recall that football was king in the fall and how we looked forward to the games against Windber, Altoona and McKeesport. I see that Johnstown is now a AAA school and cannot even beat the likes of Forest Hills. I assume that Forest Hills is the old Adams Township. I keep up with the Johnstown local sports through the Laural Hills Web site. A once proud tradition has been lost. I left Johnstown in early 1951 when I joined the navy. When I was discharged in 1955 I settled in Philadelphia and remained in that area until 1976 when we moved to San Jose California. I retired in September 1993 and we moved to Reading, Pa. where we now reside. Other memories I have of Johnstown are the Saturday night dances at the Masonic Temple on Valley Pike, the teen canteen on Main Street, going to Catholic High football games with my father on Sunday afternoons at the Point. I remember the Pig Dinners at Alwines. Somewhere I think I still have my "I was a pig at Alwines: button. I have so many memories of Johnstown I could go on all night but I guess I better quit for this time.

John Mattes

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