Loyal hometowners

By   jmr@goingplatinum.com

     I am glad to see that there are so many people out there that are loyal to the town of Johnstown. Maybe it is time for the town to be loyal to us. I too left home several years ago and have been disappointed on many occasions when I tried to return. I am saddened to see how much the town has deteriorated over the years and the way that the City's money is being spent. There are so many things that could be done to help that town get back on its feet, but some of the ideas that they come up with are just ridiculous. Everyone I have spoken to agrees that putting a convention center in downtown Johnstown is a waste of time and money. My personal favorite is when they spent thousands of dollars on a feasibility study for the Riverboat casino. I could have told you for five bucks that was a bad idea. First of all why would you take a town full of people who can barely afford to live comfortably and put gambeling into the mix?????? Secondly, the river is only three feet high half of the time. What are they thinking. Why do they need a convention center. How about taking that money and putting a limited access highway to Pittsburgh that runs straight through Johnstown. All it would take is easier access to Johnstown. It is too out of the way and hard to get to. I myself hate having to travel over the mountain everytime I come home, especially in the winter. I think that our friends and families that still live there, as well as those who have left and remain loyal deserve better. It is sad that I can live only several hours away and make three times as much money for the same job that I had in Johnstown. I hope that someone in that town finally does something that will put Johnstown on the map. There are so many people that would love to return home, including myself, but have no opportunity to do so. Bitter and Angry

Nita Richards

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