This is the best of times. This is the worst of times.


     This is the best of times. This is the worst of times. The best because living in Florida now, at the end of October, I have my air conditioner on. It was in the high eighties today. It is at least 80 for 9 months every year. Yes, it is wonderful. But wonderful for those who do not live here year round. In Florida, we do have a winter. Many places get down to freezing or below. And yes, we have a spring., you really can see the new green buds on trees, Summer, it seems endless. Growing up in western Pa, I never thought I would feel summer to be endless. And so I can continue to experience those 3 seasons. But I cannot experience autumn. That is my favorite season, always has been. How I miss those beautiful multi colored leaves, that crisp autumn air. I had so much energy, I could walk for hours in those fallen leaves. There was always a feeling of anticipation, and awe. Awe at the beauty of our hills, awe at the renewed energy we all felt. I miss it so. Be thankful that you are still where you are.

Karen K. Ring

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