What a wondeful vacation!!

By Mic567@aol.com

I just returned recently from Johnstown and although my visit was short I had a wonderful time. Driving from Pittsburgh airport, I felt my heart racing as I got closer and closer to the street I grew up on. I felt as though I was driving into a time warp. I felt as though nothing had changed except me. I had a hard time recognizing some of the areas I drove though but it came back quickly. I realized that time had stood still in this small town. I was amazed how much the houses and buildings hadn't changed except for maybe a new coat of paint. I was only 17 when I left after graduation but here it was 30 years later and it was all the same. The only thing I found different was the mall. Oh yeah there is the Galleria Mall. Downtown was deserted but the buildings were still there. Morleys dog was still standing as was the inclined plane. Sad to see my old high school was gone, I was hoping to take some pictures of it to bring back, I guess all I have now will be memories. I will return next summer and plan on spending more than 5 days. I want to bring my son to some of the old places I used to go to and spend long summer days. I really enjoyed my visit.

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