Hills of Pennsylvania

By gelmaxim@delanet.com

Hello and greetings from the Garden State; I enjoy reading many letters on your webpage pertaining to the memories of the ole town where My wife Deb and I grew up. She didn't have the pleasure of being reared in the hills or should I say the Suburbs of Johnstown ,Parkhill. Cowboys and Indians wouldn't be the same on the streets of Moxham. We both graduated from our respected high schools and in 1972 left for another life. The mills were winding down and the mines were not even considered. We have lived on the East coast for almost 30 years. Penns Grove N.J. is the home of Bruce Willis and he shows up occasionally. I hope to retire in 12 years and head back to the Mountains somewhere in Bedford, Cambria and or Somerset County. Leaving Johnstown for a better life was indeed rewarding and if I had to make a choice again I would not hesitate or stall the future. Our visits back to the old homestead have somewhat dwindled down to weddings and funerals. My Mother still sends me obituaries of people that have played a role in my early life. When I visit my sister memories of home come back especially when we gather around the porch swing and listen to the evening critters. One high school reunion was suffice and it was good to see how people we went to school with changed. Cheerleaders and Jocks didn't raise my eyebrows anymore, somehow they were placed in the closet with my dusting tassel and yearbook. Wildwood and Cape May have since longed replaced our desire to visit Kennywood, however we enjoy Hershey Park and when I'm in town Three Rivers is always an option. The Phills just can't put things together. Well it was nice to have the chance to rethink the days of yesteryear and when we're in town I'll spend more time doing the things that make Johnstown a nice place to visit.

Thank You.

Paul A. Gelesh
New Jersey

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