I'll never forget the good times.

By Mic567@aol.com

   Leaving Johnstown a year after graduating, I was off to discover new worlds. I left and headed to Florida only to discover that there was a whole new life waiting here for me. I must say it was quite a dramatic change. I missed the hills, the cool summer nights and the changing seasons. Christmas would never be the same. Never to see snow again. Although shoveling it was not my favorite pastime. I have only been back once in past twenty-three years but the memories come back to me everyday. I miss the small town life and giving my children the chance to grow up like I did. The picnics to Shawnee State Park, the Incline Plane, swimming at butcherhole in Hollsopple. and to many more to mention. I will be returning to my old hometown in August and plan on visiting all these old places. I will diffently bring a camera to take back these memories to share with my familly and friends here in Florida. I know things have changed as all things do, but Johnstown will never be a Miami or a Ft. Lauderdale this is what make it so unique. I miss that old city.

You have a place in my heart for ever.

Micki Westcott
Homestead, FL

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