What a wonderful world...

By Riverhouse@fx2.com

   What a wonderful song... Louis Armstrong singing about my life as a youngster.

Don't worry about your kids, they will grow up longing for this kind of life, much as we long for it. I remember walking the tracks from swimming hole to swimming hole all summer long. Why are all of us still longing for Johnstown? I found out some interesting info... In this "mobile" society, there is one area of the country that doesn't seem to move as much as the rest... You guessed it... It's Western Pa., including Pittsburgh. Wonder why? Read the previous messages and there will be no question. This area is "family" oriented, regardless of bloodlines. If I, as a child, didn't see the little old lady at the end of the street, I would tell my parents. They in turn would go and check on her. Just think about that. Nowdays, we would be told to "mind your own business". We wouldn't think twice if our neighbor didn't show her head for a week. In our little world, all the neighbors were family. And they had the right to call our parents and let them know what we were doing... (riding ice floes down the creek "crick"). "Do you know that I just saw Karen riding ice floes with the boys?!" Damn, grounded all winter long! But as nosey as the neighbors were, they were our safety net. I never worried about being attacked and people turning their heads. I'm sure if I ever called for help, all the people of my little town would be out there, baseball bats in hand. Helping me as though I was their own kid.... which of course I was. What a wonderful world!


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