Johnstown Pride


     I am so old now that most of my stories would not be interesting to a majority of people,but I want to emphasize the predominance of Johnstown Pride I encounter when occasionally bumping into former Johnstowners. Now retired, for many years, we live in Arizona. I would like to touch a couple notes of pure ecstasy I experienced as a Young lad in Johnstown.

     The proudest moment I ever experienced was in January 1947 when one morning as I walked across Haynes Street Bridge from Kernville I saw seventeen beautiful PCC Street Cars sitting on flat cars at the B&O freight station on Baumer/Bedford Street.

     I actually jumped in the air as I welled with pride at Johnstown's finest hour. "We had streamliner Street cars." A mark of distinction that will remain forever as Johnstown Pa. "The smallest city ever to purchase and operate 'new PCC Street cars' I was just twenty and fresh out of the Navy.

Later that summer I saw a baseball game in Point Stadium that rivals or exceeds the "Casey at The Bat" classic.

     The famous Whitey Ford was just eighteen and pitching for the Butler (Pa) Yankees, against the Johnstown Johnnies in our class "C" or "D" local league. I will skip directly to the ninth inning as it was the clinax of the drama. Butler was ahead by the score of one to nothing, as Johnstown came to bat.

Whitey had a no hitter going. Our pitcher had a fair game as well, but had allowed one hit which along with one or two of his "walks" resulted in one Butler run.

     BUT!!!!! He had also struck out eighteen Butler batters - fifteen in a row one time.

     It was now two out in the bottom of the ninth. Whitey Ford had given up another walk so there was one man on first base. Our pitcher was due up to bat. His name was Daly -- either Ron or Dale I'm not sure, but--how could a manager pull his pitcher for a pinch hitter after such a performance, He didn't! He let Daly bat. This is too dramatic to believe, but it is now history. Young Daly, with two strikes on him, and two outs in the ninth inning lunged into Mr. Whitey Fords pitch and sent the ball lining out of Point Stadium at about where the double iron gates in Left center field are (were) located, beyond where the fence was high, and across the street into Suppes Motors. Showroom window, Johnstown won I mean rather Daly had won that game.

     The finest baseball I had ever, and still have ever, witnessed. Every body knows Whitey Ford, in fact he now lives within fifty miles of my own home, but ----Does any body know what happenrd to Daly??? Yes he did go on to big league ball, but I can't say how far or where. If there was a Hall of Fame for great games between great pitchers this game would be there,. It happened in Johnstown Pa. in Point Stadium. A place where I often "DIED" when our Trojans played the Windber Ramblers and invariably lost to Windber. Frank Kush for whom the field at the Fiesta Bowl Stadium is named also now lives not far from my home.I saw him play a time or two in Point Stadium as well.

Thanks for the forum. I will always LOVE Johnstown, The biggest little city in the WORLD.

     If you ever hear of a company called Western Hobbycraft which makes and sells "O" gauge model Johnstown pre war trolleys,--well---That's me, I love Johnstown that much.

Walter E Cameron

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