Growing Up Johnstown ...


I'm browsing my hometown website, smiling to myself as I see and understand all that it has to offer.

I was born and raised in Johnstown, Pa- mostly the West End, then Moxham. I moved to Philadelphia almost 13 years ago, and have moved back home a couple of times since, but I've never really learned to appreciate all that our town has to offer until much more recently.

When I read the articles that others have posted, I am happy to see the loyalty that remains to Johnstown- in all who have grown up there......the memories of going to annual Halloween parades, not missing the paintings in Glosser Brothers windows, AAABA games in the summertime, and the days of the Terrible on Sundays being more of a religion at times than going to church. Who could forget the flood of '77, I was 7 years old, and realized even then what a strong community Johnstown was, as I watched us re-build our city together.

And, of course, since I've gone back, I could pretty much go to any local tavern, and almost always run into somebody I knew, ending up at Coney Island with them sharing the after-hours treat of those famous hamburgers!

I've been fortunate to live within driving distance, and try to get back on somewhat regular visits. I also know quite a few other Johnstowners who actually work at the same company as me, and we often reminisce about everything Johnstown. Though my visits have a touch of sadness for me, due to the loss of my mother who was full of Johnstown pride, I know she, too would be happy that I've kept my Johnstown pride, and share it with my future husband, who was born & raised in Philadlephia, but loves going back home as much as I do.

Living in Philly, sure, it's great and I do love it.......but there will always be a part of me that understands Johnstown is my true home.

Debbie Hale
Philadelphia, Pa

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