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Good Ole Johnstown

     After reading some of the comments from former Johnstowners, I too miss the town and all the good times growing up there in the 50's. I believe those were the best years of my life. What good times we had trick or treating, playing baseball and release in the neighborhood. I lived mainly in Richland Twp and went to Richland Hi. It was a wonderful place to raise kids. You could walk down Ohio Street in Moxham and no one would bother you in the evenings. We would sleep with our windows wide open and no one would come near. As I tell my children and grandchildren today how it was then, they can only say, " Grandma is it still like that there?" I can't answer that as I have not been back to Johnstown for almost 18 years. I left in 1960 and traveled all over the US as my husband was in the US Navy. We retired in San Antonio, Tx. It is nice here, but I miss the cider on the Bedford Mtns., the snow on the trees and wires at Christmas and the beautiful leaves in the Autumn. When I see Pa license plates it brings back wonderful memories. Good Ole Johnstown. Will it ever be the same again.

     P.S. I forgot to mention the Submarine Sandwichs at Coe's Sub Shop. Golly were they good. No one and I mean no one can compete with those. Here in Texas they advertise New York Subs, etc. Nope they don't even compare. Send some of Lamonica's Rolls and those good Subs to Texas.


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