Memories of Johnstown


Date: Tue, 16 Nov 1999

Fall is the time of year I love best in Johnstown. I think of brick streets, the old street cars, leaves piled up in the street waiting for removal, a trip downtown to see the new winter fashion, feeling "rich" just by stepping in to Penn Traffic, a busy visit to see what great buy you could get at Glosser Bros., and then ending up at the 5 and 10 for a coke and a look at the latest 45ís.

Then there was Halloween-what great fun! Lots of treating and yes, even some tricking. All pretty harmless though. The worst thing ever done was soaping a car window and hoping you didnít get caught, because then youíd have to clean it up!

I miss our "candy man" on the corner. Back then, he was just a neat old guy who loved children, not a person to fear. What about baseball being played on the brick streets with the help of neighborhood dads yelling advice? Neighbors who were neighbors and knew everything about you. Where everyone looked out for you and I even miss those neighbors who would tell my parents when I had done wrong, it was for my own good you know.

There are so many more memories.. .long walks with my friends, exploring Hog Back Hill, Birch Beer and Gobs at Hecks. Heck, I could go on forever! Do I ever miss good old Johnstown.

I live in Florida now and love it here, but the growing up in a good place memories are what mean most to me. When revitalizing Johnstown, remember some of those old things that meant so much to so many of us who reluctantly moved away.

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