Main Street manager vows
to continue without salary

   Johnstown Main Street Manager Richard Dill said Wednesday he stands by his commitment to work without pay until the end of the year because he has faith in the program and is sure it will be successful.
   Dill said in June he would forgo his $50,000-a-year salary until the end of the year after the city denied a $25,000 grant to the Johnstown Business District Coalition.
   "Iíd like to be in a position to see this through," Dill said in an interview from his Westmont home. "Iím in a position to make a contribution to the community."
   He said he is generating income from consulting work he does in business and tourism planning. Dill is facing the loss of grant money and a longer
    than expected completion time on the first floor and lower levels of the Central Park Complex, Franklin and Locust streets.    The Johnstown Business District coalition, through Its Johnstown Business District Development Corp., is developing retail in that part of the complex.
Delays in completing the work has postponed renting of space.    Council this summer rejected the grant by a 63 vote. City Manager Karl Kilduff told the coalition Wednesday he felt the coalition needed to do a better job of informing council members of what it was about and is trying to do.
   Because of the coalitionís financial bind, one of Its two other paid employees, Mark Williams, has gone to the Cambria County Convention and Visitors Bureau in a sales capacity. Dill said the third employee, an administrative assistant, also is donating her services.
Used with permission of The Tribune-Democrat
The Tribune-Democrat, September 23, 1999
Jeff McCready is a business writer for the Tribune-Democrat

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