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     There has always been controversy locally about availibility of jobs within the Johnstown metropolitian area. Some say that adequate job opportunities would keep more of our young people here at home. Not much thought is given to those who have already left for "greener pastures". We would like those contemplating leaving or returning to consider that many of the jobs they are seeking or presently holding may be available with a local company. Jobs for which I am qualified were not available in 1953 when I left town "seeking my fortune." Michaels Computing has faith that given the proper incentive, to stay or return, our loss of talent within the area would come to a screeching halt. We have lost about 1/2 of our population since the 1940's, so that just means 30,000 of us are out there. We have instituted a "FREE JOB SEARCH" where local employers may list jobs they need filled within our area. Johnstown has been noted for it's labor force which is hard working with a respectable work ethic. So Mr. Employer, if your looking for "great employees" who can get the job done for you, please post a listing, the only thing it will cost you is time.


     The Alwine's Dairy reunion meeting was held with about 30 people attending. Terry Alwine, son and grandson of the former owners was appointed the "Internet Person" for the reunion. The date for the reunion has been set for October 23, 1999 at the North Fork Golf and Tennis Fitness Club. If you would like to attend the reunion, click our little fellow with the ice cream cone for details. For more details about Alwines' and the reunion, click Next below.

Writer's Wanted

     We would like to resurrect our Johnstown Journal that we offered a few months back; however, we don't have the resources to keep it up and running. We would like very much to keep it to bring a touch of home to Johnstowners, Ex-Johnstowners, or those serving in our Armed Forces. If you would like to contribute a short articles or story about Johnstown that you think would be of interest to local Johnstowners or Ex-Johnstowners, please email us Click here We hope to get swamped with material, as we want this to be your site.

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