The City of Johnstown is the business and population hub of the region: the City delivers basic services such as police, fire, roads, public works, recreation and waste water treatment and community and economic developement.

     Beginning today, the City will:

  1. operate efficiently, effectively and improve continuously.
  2. improve delivery of basic services, accountability in the system, customer satisfaction, strategic planning and employee training and morale.
  3. become so good at what it does for its residents and businesses that it creates a compelling reason for surrounding townships, boroughs, etc., to cooperate such as is being done with the police department.
  4. develop and support key projects and programs which result in major investments by working cooperatively with the business leaders, organizations, and political leaders in order to facilitate economic development in the city. The Johnstown Partnership, Strategic Partnership Projects list represents our City's focus.
  5. focus on neighborhood needs in terms of zoning, blight, safety and planning.
  6. enhance its image in the region and state by completing the recovery process before December 31, 2002.

APPROVED 1/14/98
REVISED 5/26/01


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