During the early 1900s there existed the Cambria Country Club, whose clubhouse still stands as Bethlehem Steel-owned ”Ye Olde Country Club.” The golf course covered part or the area that is now Grandview Cemetery across Millcreek Road to where Indiana, Geneva and Hood Avenues are located.

Although the land and facilities were owned by the Cambria Iron Company, the Club membership included the business and civic leaders of the day. The membership was limited to 300 wIth wives included.

In late 1920 or early 1921 the Cambria Iron Company Informed the Club that its properties would be required within the next two years and that additional land, known as The Old Farms could be made available for a new Club.

In a meeting of the Board of Trustees on April 2, 1921 a new Club was formed and named Sunnehanna.

Henry Rogers was engaged as architect for the new clubhouse and the growth of Sunnehanna began. The scheduled opening was for July 4, 1923 but this was delayed until early August. It is interesting to note that for the first major additions to the clubhouse in the 1950s Mr. Rogers was again the architect.

The Club quickly became the center of the community’s social life. As a result of the new course, the game of golf enjoyed a period of notable growth In the Greater Johnstown area.

Less than 10 years from the opening of Sunnehanna, the great depression of the 1930’s had a strong negative effect on the operations of the Club. During a prolonged period of tight financial operations, Sunnehanna was generously supported through various services being provided by some local businesses. Following World War II with Bethlehem Steel’s mills going at full throttle, Sunnehanna quickly established itself as an outstanding country club for a community the sIze of Johnstown.

Until 1974 the 147 acres of land incorporated in the golf course was leased from the Bethlehem Steel Corporation. The aquilinity of the property with payment being spread over an extended period of years was negotiated with Lewis Foy, a native of Johnstown who was the Chairman of Bethlehem Steel as that time.

Sunnehanna is blessed with a magnificent setting nestled in the hills of Western Pennsylvania. The setup is unique in that the golf course meanders a full 360 degrees around the clubhouse. Setting on the veranda provides one with a view as spectacular as any to be found on this earth.

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